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Flash player, and plugin
Native OpenGL based player for different platforms

DDDSwf 1.2


OpenGL based flash player library.

It support the native swf files, and it plays them around 10 times faster than the standard Adobe plugin, and there is many extra features .

Supported platforms.: Win XP or above, OSX 10.6 or above, IOS, Android, Sony PSP

Light version is free for every platform, check the download page for them.

Reference game.: OZ 

The full version is capable to mix your C,C++, Object-C code with the flash object.


frame time in ms (lower is better) test1 (high res texts) test2 (Graphics intensive)
Adobe flash11 editor 460  
Adobe flash11 Chrome 560  
Adobe win8 exe 600 32-45
Adobe Airsamsung s3 apk energy save 700  
Adobe Airsamsung s3 apk full speed 650  
Adobe air ipad1   200-450
DDDSwf ipad1   20-50
DDDswf win7 exe 30 30-40
DDDswf samsung s3 full speed 400  



SWF version.: 11.0 or below
Action script: 2.0 (3.0 partly)



  • FSAA
  • V-Sync
  • Global sound control (volume):

All sound off/on.:
fscommand("sound","false"); - fscommand("sound","true");

Set volume of sounds in percent.:
fscommand("set_max_volume","0"); fscommand("set_max_volume","percent");fscommand("set_max_volume","100");

  • loop sounds:


  • DragOverlaped – on/off
  • line end break filer: for hmtl pages
  • Vertical alignment on texts
  • Get character from text under the mouse
  • Device ID on iphone
  • SQL support
  • FB support
  • Unlimited texts for books
  • LoadMovie caches for online applications.



OGG.: any

MP3.: only one in same time (on ipda), streamed (ipad), fast seek



ffmpeg coder: untested in this version


Embeded fonts are required for the dynamic texts or you can separately put the fonts into the fonts folder instead of embabed fonts.


  • Reverse on array (AS)
  • Display porperty tween (alpha, blur) working with AS tween only
  • auto kern on font
  • sol type shared obj (see sof for shared obj)

Price: $99/License


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