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DDD Engine
DDDengine features, and documentation
DDDEngine is a cross platform engine for PC,PSP,XBOX.

This engine can support the features of hardware acceleration on DX9 compatible cards, both in the geometrical calculations, and in the shadows, as well as in the features of pixel shader 2.0. Furthermore it can support old video cards with modified effect. The engine decrements its capabilities to suite your display adapter, therefore it can run on very cheap, and very old cards like the video cards in old notebooks.


The engine uses all kinds of object level optimization with DX9 standards. Therefore, the engine can run with minimum 90% of the maximum theoretical speed on all kinds of video cards, however, it can be made compatible with all video cards.

Technical parameters:

Data: 36000 polygons

Screen: 800x600/16M colours in windowed mode on 1027x768/16M

PIII 1000Mhz with GF4 4600: more than 1000FPS

PIII 800Mhz with ATI7xxx or Geforce 2 MX200: 100-300FPS