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Target audience: 1-100 years

The game includes 100 common images for building new "species". You can combine the animal, human and other images to create a new species. There is about 1,000,000 combination of new mutants. Try it, feel it and share it! You can see the best 6 species below.


You can drag any of the 3 sections of the image (top, middle and bottom), and move them sideways in either direction to change them. When you stop shifting, the images automatically nudge to the center position. If you're not satisfied with the standard position, you can fine-tune it pixel-by-pixel by slowly shifting them.


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AncicNip, 2017-09-16 15:02:40

В чем-то тут есть логика!

admin, 2015-02-26 01:12:30

Web page has been fixed. Enjoy :)

mino78, 2012-11-28 13:51:05

My iphone does not support this web page :(

minor, 2011-10-04 11:55:31

I likr it ;)

janko, 2011-01-10 14:42:53

pre kul! rula!

popo, 2010-11-29 23:07:35

is there a little boy ?

cirro, 2010-11-23 13:54:47

Cool! :-)

mimi, 2010-07-03 11:35:22

I am a children again.

0, 2010-07-02 21:39:13

good game !!!